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KOMAK the inventor and manufacturer since 2000

KOMAK was established in Thailand as a manufacturer and inventor of professional car care products since 2000. KOMAK started with its core products of automotive polishes, coatings and auto body paint repair products such as B-Flex Polishing Buff, B-Sponge and Superdisc Rust Removal. These products have since been used in leading auto service centers and auto paint garages throughout Thailand.

" The process of polishing lacquer from a vehicle that has undergone a paint repair process. "

Present Day

From our 20 years experience, KOMAK developed “WOW” range of products for car owners.

KOMAK in collaboration with auto detailing experts and car enthusiasts developed WOW with a single objective – turn all car owners to detailing experts with full range of products that’s easy, convenient and time saving to use.

"WOW" offers a comprehensive range of car care products for both interior and exterior applications from wax polishes, leather conditioners, shampoo, tire conditioners and other complementary products inspired by the concept of DIY.

”Let’s get WOW”

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